The Cosmic Witch & Priestess of Cuda

Witch & Goddess Training, Beginner to Priestess

Privacy & Code of Ethics

Cosmich Witch Spiritual Coaching

1. Introduction: I am committed to ensuring the highest standards of teaching and practice are maintained at all times.

2. Confidentiality: Anything you share will be in confidence, unless I believe there is a safeguarding risk or I am required to share by law.

3. Privacy: I do not share your information with third parties without permission unless required by law. 

4. Limitations: I am aware of my limitations and will signpost or refer you to appropriate qualified practitioners as necessary. 

5. Contra-indications: Where appropriate, I will be aware of contra-indications and have a responsibility to warn you about them.

7. Continuous improvement: I will continue my personal development and update my knowledge.

8. Professional boundaries: I will respect professional boundaries and act with integrity. I will never abuse the trust placed in me.

9. Transparency: I will explain the nature of the contract between us, especially in relation to duration, fees, my cancellation policy and method of payement.

10: Inclusivity: I will treat everyone with respect regardless of gender, colour, sexuality or ability.

11. Insurance: I will ensure everyone connected with my activities are covered by insurances.

12. Complaints: If you are unhappy with my services please email me in the first instance and I will do my best to resolve your concerns.