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What is Tantra?

Everything you believe about Tantra is probably untrue!

The Sanskrit word "Tantra" means to "compose". It is an ancient and beautiful tradition that originally spanned across a number of religions, such as Hinduism, Janism, Sikhism, Buddhism, the Tibetan Bön tradition, Daoism, Shintō and Sufi Islam. Tantra is a framework that supports the attainment of higher consciousness and spiritual enlightenment.

Unfortunately, when Tantra was introduced to the West, its principles were misinterpreted and the pillar that represented sexuality became the main, if not the only, focus. Because of this misrepresentation we associate Tantra with sex. This is a pity, because in our search for eastern practices like Yoga, Ayurveda, Accupuncture, Reiki etc, we have perhaps missed out on the most significant of them all...the sacred art of Tantra.

Tantra sees the universe through the lens of the divine feminine power of Shakti, which inspired the rise of goddess worship in medeival India. It involves Mindfulness, Meditation, Meaningful Living, Yoga and being the best possible version of yourself.

There is an element of Tantra that seeks to expand consciousness through a deep sexual and spiritual connection, but this is not the main focus of Tantra, which is a much wider spiritual system. Please see my Red and Black Tantra online courses if this interests you.

Tantrika Training - Grade 1

Understand the roots of Tantra and begin a practice to achieve enlightenment

Tantrika Training - Grade 2

Working with the Energy Body & Chakra System

Tantrika Training - Grade 3

Awaken Kundalini Energy & Live Mindfully within the Tantric Framework

Red Tantra for Sensual Pleasure

Online course for singles or couples to enhance sexual connection and deep spiritual pleasure

Black Tantra for Exploring Boundaries

Online course for couples or singles to explore deep connection through kink/fetish play