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Pagan Celebrant Services by Lottie Caldwell, Hereditary Witch, Priestess of The Wychlands, Priestess of Cuda


I will work with you to make your ceremony a treasured memory. I am an experienced Celebrant, Priestess and Tantrika...

But as far as your ceremony is concerened, I am a professional and I work happily within the spectrum of Pagan traditions, whether your event be Wiccan, Heathen, Druidic, Faery or whatever.  


Q: What is a Pagan Celebrant?

A: Someone who conducts formal ceremonies in the community within a Pagan framework, particularly: weddings or handfastings, naming ceremonies, passing ceremonies or other rites of passage.


Q: Will my wedding be legal?

A: In most of the UK a legal wedding can only be performed by a government official known as a Registrar within a licensed venue using specific wording. A Pagan Celebrant, however, can conduct a personal ceremony without legal obligation or government restriction. Most people think of their Pagan wedding or handfasting as their real ceremony, but will need to arrange a legal ceremony on the same day or at another time.  


Q: What kind of ceremonies?

A: Literally any kind of ceremony can be officiated over by a Pagan Celebrant, including weddings, handfastings, naming ceremonies, passing/funeral ceremonies, croning & saging, cleansing & blessing a new home, or any rite of passage.


Q: How can you be sure I'll do a good job?

A: Because I have years of experience, not just within a Pagan tradition, but decades of public speaking, managing services, project management, counselling and deploying my unique creative flair. Every ceremony is as important to me as it is to you. I will listen carefully to your needs, make helpful suggestions, help you write the ceremony (or write it all) and reliably turn up on the day to make sure things run smoothly. I can arrange rehearsal time with you if necessary either the same day or before. 


Q: Are your ceremonies inclusive of everyone?

A: Absolutely! I work with people from all backgrounds, including same-sex couples and non-binary people and try to ensure any wording within ceremonies is respectful to everyone. I am a friend and ally.


Q: Where can I hold my ceremony?

A: Anywhere you like, as long as you have permission from the venue or landowner.


Q: Will I meet you before the ceremony?

A: Yes. I will usually meet you to discuss the ceremony some weeks before. If this is not possible we can do this online instead.


Q: How far will you travel?

A: I will travel anywhere within Worcestershire or West Midlands as part of the service. Anywhere else in the UK (or overseas) will incur modest travel costs, which may include a Bed & Breakfast. I do not stay at the houses of customers or their friends/family.


Q: How much do you charge?

A: I charge a £200.00 fee for all ceremonies, which includes one meeting, phone discussion/s, writing services, emails and other contact, plus travel within Worcestershire/West Misdlands. My travel and time beyond this will be quoted for on an individual basis.


Contact me to discuss. Reserve your date with a £50.00 deposit.


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