The Cosmic Witch & Priestess of Cuda

Witch & Goddess Training, Beginner to Priestess

Red Tantra for Sensual Pleasure

Online course for singles or couples to enhance sexual connection and deep spiritual pleasure

Red Tantra Online Course Content


Module 1 ~ Introduction

1.1 Meet Your Facilitator

1.2 Aims & Objectives

1.3 Code of Ethics


Module 2 ~ The Tantra Tradition

2.1 An Overview of Tantra

2.2 Tantra in the West

2.3 Tantra Within the Sexual Union


Module 3 ~ The Heart Connection

3.1 Prioritising Time & Energy

3.2 Creating a Sacred Space

3.3 Exercises for Reconnection


Module 4 ~ Relaxation

4.1 Preparing Body & Mind

4.2 Sensual Touch

4.3 Sensual Massage


Module 5 ~ Erotic Massage

5.1 The Yoni Massage

5.2 The Lingam Massage

5.3 The Root Massage


Module 6 ~ Controlling Sexual Energy

6.1 Edging

6.2 Full Body Orgasm

6.3 Aftercare


Further Information:

Elements of this training will force you back to your core, and should be undertaken when you are feeling physically and mentally strong.


I exchange each course for £27.50. They consist of video presentations, written information and exercises. How long the modules take depends upon how much time you set aside, but some Tantrikas work through a course in about a month. Of course, it takes regular pratice to become accomplished. There is no time limit, no hidden extras, and you are not tied in to purchasing additional modules.