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Witch & Goddess Training, Beginner to Priestess

Stourbridge Magic Circles


Whether you are an experienced Witch, a Divine Goddess or just intrigued to find out more, join me for a weekly Magic Circle in Stourbridge. Adults of all genders welcome, although occasional Circles are held exclusively for those who identify as women, due to the sensitive subject area. This is clearly stated on the event.

During each event we participate in an ancient ceremony, a spell casting, a chakra cleanse, a shamanic journey or explore a subject close to our Witchy/Goddess hearts. We begin each session with a traditional casting of a circle and close it down feeling refreshed and empowered.

We do not cast for harmful purposes, and as Circle is a practice, not a faith, you do not have to acknowledge a deity or challenge your religious beliefs, although you may wish to.

Some people attend every event, others pick and choose the Circles that interest them most. But places are limited so book early.

What to wear/bring: It's important to bring a cushion to sit on and a scarf or shawl to cover your head for meditation. Not only does it keep you warm but it forms a veil that keeps you safe and centred. Feel free to bring a drink and any of your small sacred items, such as crystals, that you wish to charge in the circle.

We will be seated on the floor, possibly moving around, sometimes dancing, so wear something comfortable - but go that bit extra to remind yourself that you are a magical being. Try a floaty scarf, flowers in your hair, a cheeky tiara or a steampunk hat. Some people wear belly dancing hip scraves, feather boas...anything goes. Wear layers as temperature drops during meditation.

Chairs are available for those with limited mobility and I will do my best to include everyone safely. Please message me to discuss your needs. 

Special attention is paid to creating a sacred space, protecting everyone and closing down rituals. I do not use spirit boards or Ouija Boards in circle or work with demonic energies.

Candle Magic

Postponed until further notice due to coronavirus



Sit in a magic circle and discover the ancient art of

Candle Magic.

Create and cast your own spell to take home.

Date:  TBC, 7-8.30pm, Bridge House




Cocoa Ceremony

Postponed until further notice due to coronavirus



Be part of this ancient cocoa ritual to open and purify the heart portal.

Led by a direct granddaughter of the South American Arawak people

Date TBC, 7-8.30pm Bridge House, Stourbridge

Root Chakra Ritual

Postponed until further notice due to coronavirus



The root chakra keeps you safe, grounded and connected.

This ceremony involves every sense, from ritual tea to movement & dance.

Date: TBC, 7-8.30pm, Bridge House

Shamanic Journey

Postponed until further notice due to coronavirus



Shamanism takes you outside of our realm to connect with the ancients and find your spirit animal

Led by a direct granddaughter of the South American Arawak people

Date: TBC, 7-8.30pm, Bridge House