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What is Tantra?

Everything you believe about Tantra is probably untrue!

The Sanskrit word "Tantra" means to "compose". It is an ancient and beautiful tradition that originally spanned across a number of religions, such as Hinduism, Janism, Sikhism, Buddhism, the Tibetan Bön tradition, Daoism, Shintō and Sufi Islam. Tantra is a framework that supports the attainment of higher consciousness and spiritual enlightenment.

Unfortunately, when Tantra was introduced to the West, its principles were misinterpreted and the pillar that represented sexuality became the main, if not the only, focus. Because of this misrepresentation we associate Tantra with sex. This is a pity, because in our search for eastern practices like Yoga, Ayurveda, Accupuncture, Reiki etc, we have perhaps missed out on the most significant of them all...the sacred art of Tantra.

Tantra sees the universe through the lens of the divine feminine power of Shakti, which inspired the rise of goddess worship in medeival India. It involves Mindfulness, Meditation, Meaningful Living, Yoga and being the best possible version of yourself. 


What is Tantric Yoga?

Modern scholars of Hinduism regard Tantra to be the ultimate form of yogic practice with the first stage being yoga, the second stage being vedanta (ancient Hindu philosphy) and the third and most advanced being Tantra.

Tantric yoga goes further than practicing asanas (body poses). It includes breath control (pranayama), chanting (mantras), meditation, hand movements (mudras), visualisation of geometric shapes, and intuitive dance. Together, these help awaken the Kundalini energy that lies coiled at the base of the spine, and strengthens the body's energy centres (called chakras). A different chakra is the focus of each class. A ritual herbal tea is shared to open the chakra, plus carefully chosen essential oils and/or insence. These combined elements create a holistic spiritual experience.

I am a "Tantrika", someone who has undertaken considerable study and practice in Tantra. I am also qualified to teach Hatha Yoga and am a Personal Trainer.

Despite what you may have heard about Tantra, let me reassure you that everyone keeps their clothes on and there is no sexual contact or touching whatsoever!

However, if you are interested in learning how to enhance your sexuality through Tantra, please see my online Tantra courses.

Practicing Tantric Yoga

Tantra is both energetic and restful. Some classes are based on asanas (holding body postures) and some on quiet contemplation and meditation. Some involve intuitive, sensual dance and others repeat a mantra or chant. No two classes are ever the same and usually occur spontaneously depending on the energy in the room and what has happened that week in the outside world. 

Classes can be vigorous and continued practice builds strength and flexibility, but Tantra Yoga is not a work-out. It is a physical and spiritual experience to help open channels of consciousness and attain higher levels of enlightenment. There will be physical and non-physical elements in each class and some classes will focus more on meditation that physical movement.

Whether you are experienced in yoga or a beginner, all adults and genders are made welcome. 

Tantra Yoga is a practice, not a faith, so you do not have to acknowledge a deity or challenge your religious beliefs. 

What to wear/bring:

Wear comfortable clothes like you would for any other yoga class. We usually work barefoot or in socks during cold weather. It is important to bring a cushion and a scarf/shawl to cover your head for meditation. Not only does it keep you warm but it forms a veil that keeps you safe and centred. It's a good idea to bring a drink. But as Tantra touches your sensual core, go that bit further to remind yourself you are a magical being. Try a floaty scarf, flowers in your hair, a cheeky tiara or a steampunk hat. Some people wear belly dancing hip scraves, feather boas...anything goes. Wear layers as temperature drops during meditation.

I will do my best to include everyone safely. Please message me to discuss your mobility issues. 

Places are limited so book your class early.