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I can supply the perfect spell tailored to your desire, and take you through it step by step

Welcome to my Spells & Charms Page

There are times when only magic will do, but you may not have the time or knowledge to write and perform your own spell. This is where I come in.

There are some very suspicious "spellcasters" out there on the internet, charging exorbitant fees to people in need. I'm different.

I have spent my lifetime counselling and supporting people with their problems and have no desire to take advantage of anybody. But spells take time, skill and energy, and like everyone else, I have bills to pay.

I use the knowledge I have gained over a lifetime to write the perfect spell for your individual requirements.

Read about me here: About Me    

I charge a flat fee of £25.00 for all of my spells, with step-by-step instructions on putting them into practice. I own the copyright of my spells, but you are free to keep them for future use or share them with others.  

Although I pour my heart and soul into these spells, and tailor them specifically to your needs, the most important part of magic comes from within you. Spells may need to be repeated more than once to take effect. I offer my spells in good faith, but can take no responsibility for unpredictable results.

I do not offer hexes or curses for sale, but I can suggest an alternative spell to assuage anger, pain or a desire for revenge.  



Attract the right partner, inject passion or rekindle affection. A broken heart is a universal language; let me help.


The universe interprets abundance in different ways, so it's important that money spells are performed accurately.


Banishing spells can rid you of problems, whilst not actively harming anyone.


Clear unwanted activity in your property or help spirits cross


My health spells safely boost immunity and accelerate healing

Good Luck

Create a beautiful and personalised spell bottle for luck, success or an unusual gift.