The Cosmic Witch & Priestess of Cuda

Witch & Goddess Training, Beginner to Priestess

2nd Degree Witchcraft

Practical magic including spell casting, divination, herbal lore and working with energies and archetypes.

2nd Degree (Associate) Witchcraft

This follows directly on from the 1st Degree course. If you have not done so already it is strongly recommended you complete the 1st Degree course in order to understand important issues such as protection and ethics. 


Module 5 ~ Spell & Circle Casting

5.1 Casting a Magic Circle

5.2 Principles of Spell Casting

5.3 Protection Spells

5.4 Candle Magic

5.5 Water Magic

5.6 Jar Spells

5.7 Freezer Spells

5.8 Sigil Magic

5.9 Love Spells

5.10 Money & Success Spells

5.11 Banishing Spells

5.12 Binding Spells

5.13 Writing your own spells


Module 6 ~ Herbal Lore

6.1 Magical Herbs

6.2 Make you own Witch’s Brew

6.3 Using herbs in spell casting

6.4 Herbal Rituals


Module 7 ~ Divination

7.1 Opening your third eye

7.2 Scrying with crystals, mirrors or water

7.3 Introduction to the Tarot

7.4 Working with Runes


Module 8 ~ Working with Deities

8.1 Working with the Divine Feminine

8.2 Working with the Divine Masculine

8.3 Connecting with Goddess or God energy


Further Information:

Elements of this training will force you back to your core, and should be undertaken when you are feeling physically and mentally strong.

Cost: I exchange each course for £27.50. They consist of video presentations, written information and exercises. How long the modules take depends upon the time you set aside but some witches work through a course in about a month. Of course, it takes regular practice to become accomplished.

There is no time limit, no hidden extras, and you are not tied in to purchasing additional modules. On completion you become an Associate Member of the online covern The Wychlands which operates as a closed Facebook group. Here you can share your questions or experiences with other people.


Expand your skills beyond the realm of the living, and build authority in your knowledge as a Priestess or Priest

Become A Goddess