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I am the Crone, the Priestess, a free spirited Wild Woman, a Cosmic Witch and a Tantric Bitch. But you can call me Lottie.

My path is to light your way, inspire your craft and help you reclaim the authentic, magical you. 

I have a list of suitable qualifications - Yoga Teacher; Tantra Practitioner; Trauma Counsellor; Relationship Coach; Personal Trainer; Naturopath; Educator & Trainer; Clinical Hypnotherapist and Massage Therapist. In addition, I have a 30 year career supporting and empowering abused women. But qualifications are not as important as my innate ability to connect with your soul. 


Cosmic Witch

My path is Hereditary Witch with Celtic Magic and Guyanan Obeah lineage - an unsual and potent combination. By age nine I was befriending the dead in my local graveyard, learning the Tarot, and scrying into water. 

My Scottish maternal family have been involved in the occult for generations, from Master Masons to crystal gazers. From my Guyanan paternal family, a love of Obeah magic has infiltrated my bones, which is an Afro-Caribbean tradition similar to Hoodoo. 

As I move into the third phase of the triple witch, my wisdom has been won over years of diligent study. I have been called to pass on my knowlede and help others become the witches of tomorrow. 

Tantric Bitch

I did not begin studying Tantra until later in life, and through it I discovered the Goddess energy inside.

I already understood the power of the Goddess archetype, but it was the ancient art of Tantra that made me step fully into my Goddess power. I believe we are all splinters of a divine conscious energy and Goddess power is present in us all, but in our harsh, busy world it has become bruised or diminished.

As a fully qualified Tantrika, let me help you rediscover your own Goddess energy and take your crown as a Divine Goddess of the 21st century who serves families, communities and our planet.  

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