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Priestess of Cuda Programme

Priestess of Cuda Programme


This programme transforms women into Goddesses (and helps men and non-binary people embrace the divine feminine within). The course gives you the skills to set up and run your own Goddess Circles. Once purchased, you are invited to join the online Temple of Cuda which operates as a closed Facebook group. Here you can share ideas and ask for advice. When all modules are completed you will be initiated as Priestess/Priest of Cuda and an honourary member of the online witch covern, The Wychlands. 

Through your Goddess power, your courage, wisdom and compassion will help serve the world.

The Wychlands is my spiritual and physical home, an area of middle England, once home to the ancient tribes of Hwicce and before that, the Celtic Dobunni Tribe, who were presided over by a Mater Dobunna known as the Goddess Cuda. Little is known about her but she is a Mother Goddess, representing the fertility of the lands, prosperity and abundance. However, the programme is not affiliated to any particular faith or belief. The Goddess is rediscovered in the context of inner power, rather than as deity, so people of all faiths or no faith can safely benefit and learn. 

Becoming a Goddess is not for the faint-hearted. It entails going to the deepest parts of yourself and confronting what is there. Then, cleansed, you are led into a state of blissful self-love, self-acceptance and self-awareness. Finally, you step into your power as a 21st century Goddess.

When did you take time out to practice self love and acceptance, appreciate your body, reflect on your place in the world, or wear a garland of flowers in your hair? When did you last reconnect to the energy, beauty, courage, sexuality and power within?

This is a deep developmental experience that includes presentations, individual exercises, guided meditations, stories, poetry, music, food, fun, tears and laughter. Whether you come alone or with friends, mothers, grandmothers, daughters or sisters, I will be here to guide and welcome you home. It is suitable for anyone aged sixteen to any age, from all backgrounds and abilities.

Course Creator:

I am a Crone, a Wild Woman, Hereditary Witch and Priestess of Cuda. I have spent 30 years writing and delivering programmes for women to help them heal from abuse, damaging relationships, improve self-esteem and reclaim their rightful place in the world. I have poured my soul into these modules so that you can reclaim your inner power. Life is short, so come and be a Goddess, because the world needs you. (Lottie, Priestess of Cuda)

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The Priestess of Cuda Programme is a gentle yet powerful set of 6 modules exchanged for £36.00. There are no hidden extras and no time limit for completion.

Goddess Programme Contents


1. Introduction

1.1 ~ Meet your facilitator

1.2 ~ Aims & Objectives


2. Reclaim the Goddess 

2.1 ~ Historical Goddesses

2.2 ~ Navigating an Unbalanced World

2.3 ~ God energy Vs. Goddess energy

2.4 ~ Reclaiming Goddess Status


3. Sister Goddess

3.1 ~ Embracing & Celebrating Beauty

3.2 ~ Global Sisterhood

3.3 ~ Protecting & Rebuilding


4. Reflective Goddess

4.2 ~ Practical and Emotional Care

4.3 ~ Accessing Inner Tranquility

4.4 ~ Accessing the inner child

4.5 ~ Embracing Maiden/Mother/Crone Status


5. Happy Goddess

5.1 ~ Understanding Mind

5.2 ~ Condtions of Mind

5.3 ~ Healing Self

5.4 ~ Balancing Life


6. Domestic Goddess

6.1 ~ Reclaim: Historical and societal expectations of women as mothers, carers and homemakers; re-identifying as nurturers

6.2 ~ Redefine: Role of women in today’s society; juggling jobs, homes and children; letting go of perfection; sharing and delegating tasks.

6.3 ~ Reset: Subtle but powerful role of women in influencing future generations, organisations, communities and society.


7. Love Goddess

7.1 ~ Goddess Girls: Messages given to children; expectations of society, parents and ourselves

7.2 ~ Goddess Relationships: Recognising nurturing love and destructive love; sharing control; restoring love in stale or hurtful relationships

7.3 ~ Goddess Healing: Opening ourselves to nurturing love; healing from hurt; the Single Goddess

7.4 ~ Goddess Sensuality – driving sexual and sensual fulfilment


8. Divine Goddess

8.1 ~ Creator Goddess: Celebrating our inner child; reclaiming the right to play; importance of the creative process

8.2 ~ Spiritual Goddess: Path of the Divine Goddess; many paths - one destination; inner peace

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