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With the name 'witch' comes responsibility

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My online courses enable you to learn at your own pace in an affordable way. They take you from beginner to Priest/ess, coverig the full spectrum of witchcraft from basic cleansing and protecting through to conversing with the dead and other entities.  

After completion of the 1st Degree you are welcomed as an Initiate into the online covern The Wychlands. After the 2nd Degree you become an Associate member, and the 3rd Degree prepares you as a Priestess or Priest of the covern - or you may wish to form your own. Completion of each degree earns you a beautiful certificate charged with energy for future success. These are posted free within the UK or for a small charge oveseas.

The Wychlands is my spiritual and physical home, an area of middle England once home to the ancient tribes of Hwicce. Before that, it was home to the Celtic Dobunni people who were presided over by a Mater Dobunna, a Mother Goddess, known as Cuda. It is within these ancient woodlands and hills, sacred groves and living rivers, that my magical abilities were grown.

I follow an eclectic path that embraces both halves of my soul - Celtic Folk Magic from my maternal side and Guyanan Obeah Magic from my father's side. I am not Wiccan, so I am not bound by the Wiccan Rede of 'harm none', but I teach people to practice with compassion, integrity and honour. I am not a "white" witch; I am not a "grey" witch. I am the Crone, and I will teach you to search your own soul to reach your own ethical conclusions. 

Whether you are starting out or have been practicing for years; whichever path you follow you are welcome in my world. I will not tell you what route to take, what deities to honour or beliefs to adhere to, because all paths are personal to the traveller. I welcome people of all genders, cultures and backgrounds. We are now connected.

1st Degree Witch

2nd Degree Witch

2nd Degree Associate Training

Spell & Circle Casting ~ Herbal Lore ~ Divination ~ Working with Deities

Priestess / Priest Training

Astral Projection ~ Conversing With Spirits ~ Energy Healing ~ Book of Shadows/Grimoire